Nail Enamel

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For elegant gloss and vibrant colour that lasts. Nail enamel made with oxygen-permeable resin.


Nail Enamel

Soft feminine non-pearl mauve pink

7mL  19colors each 2,200 yen (tax included)

Prices are suggested retail prices.

Product features

Gentle on nails
Contains O2 Transfactor*, an oxygen-permeable ingredient that uses the same technology as contact lenses. This makes it light and gentle on nails when applying. * (Acrylates/Tris(Trimethylsiloxy)silylpropyl Methacrylate Copolymer)

Uniform and highly-glossy finish
A single coat forms an even layer on nails. Colours go on vivid and glossy, making nails look sleek and elegant. Long-lasting shine
Dries quickly and has a glossy finish that lasts even over time. Round flat brush for easy application
Brush matches the curves and shape of nails for easy application.

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