Cream Blush

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Rich, lustrous definition for cheeks, in a new texture. Cream blush that gives cheeks firmness and translucence, as well as a rosy colour.


Cream Blush

Elegant deep beige pink

8colors each 3,850 yen (tax included)

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Product features

Cream base with a pleasantly supple texture
It feels wonderful the moment it touches your skin. Utilising the technology of DECORTÉ Eye Glow Gem, we have created a base with a new texture that glides on smoothly as it melts onto skin. Lustrous, true colouring, with no powdery whiteness
Formulated with the perfect balance of highly-translucent powder particles and oil-based ingredients, it imparts cheeks with true colour and no powdery whiteness, giving them a lustrous yet naturally-rosy look. Elegant lustre accentuated by oil glossiness
The gloss of oil has been added as an accent to the highly-translucent pearl of newly-developed Vitulius Powder. This imbues the entire face with a sense of definition created by a subtle lustrous glow. Lasting, beautiful finish resistant to sweat and sebum
Contains “Soft Lasting” agent* that both adheres tightly to skin and is highly flexible. This helps keep your freshly-applied finish lasting for hours. * Polypropylene


Apply using a fingertip.

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