Skin Fusion

Introducing DECORTÉ original makeup brushes for a refined, premium finish,
as if polishing even the mind.
Created with the application of cutting-edge technology and cut to fit seamlessly with the features and bone structure of each and every individual.
A lineup inspired by skincare that elevates the skin by simply gliding the brushes along the skin, soothing the skin with a pleasant touch as if applying skincare.

Melting into and becoming one with the skin with an exquisite feel,
accentuating character and drawing out the radiance of bare skin.
Broadening your makeup horizons, bringing mesmerizing beauty to your skin.

Made with DECORTÉ original Micro Porous Fiber where the surface of each fiber has been specially treated.

A surface structure that catches and releases powder ensures an even finish.

By controlling the distribution of crystal density on the surface, the product is able to adsorb various powders and liquids, forming an even veil for a natural finish.

The ultimate fit and soft feel.

The structure with an indented neck ensures flexibility for an enhanced fit and pleasant feel on the skin.

*Made with antibacterial synthetic hairs

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