Contouring Eye Shadow

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With four textures to create vivid contrast between shadow and light. Fluid glow eyeshadow that creates captivating eye looks.


Contouring Eye Shadow

Elegant warm beige with a sense of mystery and sophistication

7sets each 6,050 yen (tax included)

<Sold separately> COSME DECORTE Eye Shadow Tip 550 yen (tax included)
<Sold separately> COSME DECORTE Eye Shadow Brush 550 yen (tax included)

Prices are suggested retail prices.

Product features

Four different textures create "fluid glow" definition
Shadows have good skin affinity and stay put on lids. The four different textures in each set can be used to create radiance and shading that flow across your features, for eyes with definition like you’ve never had before.

a: Illuminating colour to concentrate light
Pearl, which is highly luminous, concentrates clear light around your eyes, acting to banish dullness. Contains lots of oil which has good skin affinity, and drenched in pearl to increase adhesion and translucency.

b: Highlighter colour to diffuse light
Layer over illuminating colours, diffusing light over the entire eyelid and boosting definition. Made from soft focusing powder richly formulated with light oil for a subtle finish.

c: Accent colour to connect light to shadow
Formulated to make light and shadow flow together, a dark colour containing the accent colour. Perfected through a high concentration of oil with great skin affinity, allowing for a bright effect even when using dark colours.

d: Shading colours to provide shadow, and emphasize the other three textures
Finish boldly with a matte base, bringing out further overall definition. Contains a high concentration of globe-shaped powder, making it easy to blur, while full bodied, rich oil-based agents increase adhesion.


Using the applicator or brush, check the colour coverage on the back of your hand, then lightly blend into your eyelid.

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