Delivers conviction in a
brighter future to the skin.
The product of diligent research into anti-aging care*.
High-performance wrinkle improvement essence.

Change your skin’s future
An innovative approach has unlocked
a new world of next-generation cosmetics, in the form of

A message full of conviction, and positive and clear results
We hope women everywhere will enjoy
effects visible in the moment of application to your skin,
with a comfortable sensation, lovely scent and
other characteristics that will keep you using it day after day

From the current DECORTÉ,
anti-aging care research has further evolved for deeper effectiveness.
DECORTÉ Advanced iP.Shot

To the epidermis and down to the hypodermis,
enabling the fruits of remarkable dermatology research
to be absorbed as quickly as possible—
a high-performance cutting-edge beauty essence
that provides a new effect to inspire greater aspirations.

Delivers unwavering firmness and elasticity to the skin.
Delivers inspiration beyond skincare.
Delivers conviction in for a brighter future to the skin.
Feel in your skin that moment where inspiration becomes conviction.

*Skin care in response to the ageing process.


  • Skin Care

Skin Care

  • iP.Shot Advanced

    Advanced iP.Shot
    10,000 yen (tax excluded)


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