The Future is Changing—Delivers the conviction to your skin.

To the epidermis and down to the dermis,
an advanced, high-performance wrinkle-reducing serum
addresses the appearance of lines and wrinkles
and updates your skin for the future.
[DECORTÉ Advanced iP.Shot]

Newly added special care item
"Industry-first wrinkle improvement mask"
[DECORTÉ Advanced iP.Shot MASK]

Delivers inspiration beyond skincare, bringing you a moment when inspiration becomes conviction.

*Wrinkle improvement sheet mask sold in Japan, quasi-drug category (MIniel Database, February 2020, according to our research)

Anticipates the skin in the autumn season.
Improves your wrinkles instantly.

Ultraviolet light is divided into two wavelengths, UV-A and UV-B. UV-A that reaches the dermis deep inside the skin causes loss of elasticity and even leads to photoaging, generating wrinkles.
By taking care of the fine invisible wrinkles that have been formed during this period, you can make a difference in your skin in the autumn season.

UV-A intensifies dramatically in April and May.

Monthly variations in UV-A and UV-B rays (Kose Research)

iP.Shot アドバンスト

Essence for the areas where you are most concernedWith daily maintenance, for area where you are concerned about wrinkles.
Beauty ingredients instantly blend into the skin and penetrate the stratum corneum, with concentrated texture.

iP.Shot アドバンスト マスク

The mask takes care of even fine wrinkles that is still invisibleOffering specialized care to improve impression of the skin in the autumn season.
The plant-based mask closely and precisely wraps your face, and concentrated essence instantly blend into the skin.


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