Radiant skin and lustrous lines
to highlight an expression of beauty.

Dip in Glow -
Makeup to adorn you in radiance

achieves a special type of skin—
refined, with a radiance as
if it's glowing from inside.

This is the debut of new point makeup
that takes that refinement and
radiance to an even higher level.
It is makeup that creates more than just external beauty.
It brings out inner beauty,
like intelligence and character, to create an impression that's unforgettable.
Down to casual expressions and mannerisms,
the dynamic beauty of every moment is painted vividly,
to express the radiant joy and satisfaction of each unique person.

You have your own unique way to shine.
That glow is more beautiful
than anything else in the world.
Wearing "fluid glow"—full of every colour and texture, light and shadow—brings out a special unique beauty in everyone.

A new radiant story awaits you.
Discover it for yourself.

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