Treatment  Hair  Pack

For hair that’s light and coquettish, and manageable right to the tips.


Treatment Hair Pack

500mL  4,400 yen (tax included)

Prices are suggested retail prices.

Treatment Hair Pack Refill

500mL 4,180 yen (tax included)

Prices are suggested retail prices.

Product features

Treatment designed to provide ageing care*.
Drenches your hair from the core with hydration energized with blossoming flowers.
New strong & thick repair & strengthening agent repairs hair strand by strand from the inside, even when it’s thin from age, making it smooth.
Strengthens and thickens the hair on the top of your head, prone to losing volume, so much you will see it practically standing up from the roots. Leaves your hair style looking younger.
A compound of specially selected emollients. Makes even brittle hair nourished with radiance, to put a halo of light back on your head. Makes hair vibrant and brilliant.
Even makes hair with concerning frayed or kinked ends easy to manage and so silky smooth you can run your fingers through it.
Contains specially selected cosmetic ingredients from energy-packed flowers and plants. An excellent moisturiser that protects your hair from damage. Get just the hair style you want, even if you’re concerned about the signs of ageing.
Weak acid levels, so its gentle on your hair.
Prevents hair colour from fading, to keep your hair colour looking beautiful.
Fragranced with aromatic floral woody to unwind your soul.
*Ageing care is skin care that deals with the ageing process.


After shampooing, remove excess water from hair and apply a suitable amount of product from roots to tips.
Let sit, then rinse. (Leave in hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing for better results.)
*For semi-long hair, use about 3-4 pumps of product per use.

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