Herbal Body Renew

Body beauty serum, packed with tone for adult skin.
Experience the new texture- it’s an oil, but leaves your skin feeling silky.


Herbal Body Renew

180mL  3,850 yen (tax included)

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Product features

Hydrating ingredients are coated in botanical oils. Feels lightweight to the touch, and smooths the surface of your skin.
Contains botanical oils, skin-loving phospholipids, and cholesterol.
Suffuses hydration right down into your skin, to create a vibrancy that’s packed with tone and lustre.
New formulation that’s a powerful hydrator, but won’t leave your skin feeling sticky.
Comfortable to use all year round, even in those sticky summer months.
Even fits your morning skin care routine perfectly.
Forms a protective layer that remains on the skin, to lock in hydration over time.
Rebalances unsettled cutaneous rhythms caused by lack of moisture, making your skin soft and silky.
Contains 6 kinds of botanical extracts for dewy-look, vital skin.
Unwind the stress and strain of the day by relaxing mind and body with an aromatic floral woody fragrance.
Contains essential oils (fragrances).


Use both morning and night.
Take a suitable amount into the palm of your hand and massage into skin.
For better results on skin suffering from dryness, use after a shower or bath when skin is still slightly moist.

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