Herbal Hand Renew

For youthful, ever-radiant hands.


Herbal Hand Renew

75g  3,300 yen (tax included)

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Product features

A hand cream designed to target the signs of ageing on mature skin.
Protects skin from dryness and roughness, caring for texture and dullness.
From the moment of application, you’ll feel tone and radiance permeate your hands, leaving them beautiful.
Contains close-fit long-lasting hyaluronic acid. Creates a veil of moisture for a lasting softness that’s resistant to water and locks in hydration.
Contains 3 kinds of lavender, including lavender honey.
Acts on skin that has thickened due to dryness or lacking in tone, and fills it with volume from the inside. From the instant of application, even skin that looks dull will become youthful, translucent and lustrous.
Aromatic floral woody fragrance (common to all hair and body products).
Relieves tension during busy days and nights when the fatigue sets in, promoting relaxation.
Non-sticky finish, so convenient for either day or night use.
*Ageing care is skin care that deals with the ageing process.


Take a suitable amount into the palm of your hand and carefully massage into skin.

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