Tone and gloss. Rich eye serum.
Everything you want concentrated into one product.



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Product features

A beauty serum for the eyes to make them look plumply toned and full of life, and combat concerns such as dullness or ageing.

Contains shark extract (moisturiser) from shark-derived glycosaminoglycans. Prevents fine wrinkles, and makes your eyes look full of life.
Stemrise iPG*1, developed through PG cell research about tone in the epidermis, makes the area around the eyes toned, and supple.
The texture is so lightweight it’s just like concentrated beauty serum to the touch, and feels great to apply. Feel your skin become instantly more translucent and hydrated.
Mucin*2somes and double peptides act fast on problem skin caused by influences such as external stress, making your eye area brighter.
The spatula with massager provides gentle care for problems like shadows caused by decreased blood flow and waste build-up, or dullness caused by dryness.
The massage ball (“B” in the illustration) refreshes your eyes with its cool touch, and makes your care routine more effective.
Contains natural essential oils and sandalwood for a fragrance to unwind you.
The fragrance is milder than normal, in consideration of the delicate skin around the eyes.

*1 Moisturising ingredients: Zizyphus jujuba truit extract, eugenia caryophyllus (clove) flower extract, acorus calamus root extract and glycerin
*2 Glycosaminoglycans are mucopolysaccharides (moisturiser)

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