Be enveloped by a peerless sense of firmness, from the moment you rub it in. A 4D beauty serum that helps your skin face the tests of time.



30mL  16,500 yen (tax included)
30mL 15,950 yen (tax included)

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Product features

You want to keep the 3D firmness of your features even as you age.
AQMW arrived at a single solution, while focusing on the essence of anti-aging skin care *1 and employing the latest *2 dermatological developments.
The 4D beauty serum, Repletion.
This is a beauty serum that contains the power to fight the ravages of time, in addition to preserving the 3D firmness.
A joy comes over you after you have applied it.
There is a feeling of abundant firmness in your cheeks, as well as a fresh elasticity.
Get that response now.

New development of an original ingredient, Stemrise iPG *3
A beauty ingredient that was developed by combining 3 types of extracts (jujube extract, clove, acorus calamus root) from Japanese and Chinese plants that have long been popular in Japan.
It brings about a resolute firmness that seems to arise from the inside of the horny cell layer.

*1 Skin care to deal with aging
*3 Moisturizing ingredients (jujube extract, clove extract, acorus calamus root extract, glycerin)


Use morning and night after preparing your skin with lotion.
Add two pumps of product into your palm and apply.
*When applying makeup afterwards, use slightly less product.

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