AQMW Crystal Liquid

Gentle removal solution for textural roughness and clogged pores.
Wipe-off beauty serum for smooth skin that’s beaming with translucency.


AQMW Crystal Liquid

150mL  8,800 yen (tax included)

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  • night
  • day

Product features

Gentle KCF (alnus firma extract, hydrolyzed lupine protein, avocado extract, glycogen and cetyl lactate) (moisturiser) exfoliates to remove old keratin, eliminating the causes of dullness, textural roughness and brittleness, with the mildness of an AHA-free formulation.
Mucose membrane ingredients glycosaminoglycans (mucopolysaccharide/moisturiser) is combined with polymers and made into a “mucine net”, which locks plenty of water into the stratum corneum, making it vibrant and translucent.
Double peptides (moisturisers) give you skin that’s plumply toned and glossy, by working to generate collagen.
It doesn’t contain fruit acid (AHA) often used in stratum corneum care products, so it’s gentle and mild. Just wipe it off and you’ll feel your skin is silky and clear.
Contains natural essential oils and sandalwood for a fragrance to unwind you.


Use on clean skin after washing.
Add two pumps of product to a cotton pad and gently wipe skin.

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