Tone up CC

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Provides natural coverage for beautiful, bare skin suffused with transparency, protecting the skin not only from UVA and UVB rays, but also from environmental stress such as dryness and microparticles in the atmosphere*.
A emulsion-based sunscreen emulsion that cares for precious bare skin, leaving skin suffused with radiant and moisture.
* Dirt, dust, pollen, etc.


Tone up CC

35g  3colors each 3,300 yen (tax included)

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Product features

*Blocksl ultraviolet rays to prevent dark spots and freckles due to sunburn.
The skin with a pleasant feel, as if applying skincare and enhances the beautiful finish and last of foundation.
*Dermatologically tested.


*Use after lotion(toner).
*Take a pearl-sized amount onto the fingertips and place on five points on the face, the chin, both cheeks, nose, and forehead, and blend well while spreading across the entire face.
*If only a small amount of product is used, sufficient UV protection effects cannot be obtained.
*Use of the product in combination with other cosmetics with UV protection effects will enhance its effectiveness.
*If not using foundation, reapply the product a couple of times. Reapply the product when wiping the skin with a towel or when perspiring.
*Use a makaup remover agent to remove.

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