Complete Flat Primer

Bare-skin primer
that makes skin beautiful and even.


Complete Flat Primer

30g  3,300 yen (tax included)

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Product features

Transmitting only pure light that makes the skin look beautiful, it contains Skin Fusion Powder that provides both coverage and a sense of bare-skin. While covering trouble spots like pores, dullness, and discoloration, the makeup base creates a base for skin that retains gentle moisture and shines softly like bare skin.
Spreading lightly over your skin like skincare, it leaves skin feeling soft and silky.
While protecting your skin from releasing moisture, it improves your bare skin beautifully.
*Use this base makeup after applying toner to your skin.
Contains air-in powder that retains air within the powder. While evenly covering troubling pores and roughness, it has a soft touch that does not burden the skin or feel dry. What's more, even when wet with sebum, the skin does not become dull, but maintains a beautiful finish.
It improves your skin tone naturally and achieves a transparent finish like radiant bare skin.
Usable in all seasons.
Fresh green floral fragrance that feels relaxing and luxurious.
Dermatologically tested.


Use after applying skincare products to your skin.
Take a pearl-sized dollop on the fingertips; place it on five spots: your chin, both cheeks, nose, and forehead; spread and blend across your entire face; then apply foundation.

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