Firming upward, three-dimensional effect.
Rebuilds the foundation of your beauty.
LIFT DIMENSION has launched.

“I feel that the face I see in the mirror has changed recently.
The outline of my face is blurred.
Before, my facial features seemed a little sharper.”

COSME DECORTÉ pays special attention to the deep stratum corneum with three-dimensional shape, which is a particular feature of aging skin.
We consider how ability of the skin to support its elasticity decreases with age, which causes changes in the impression that the face gives.

After extensive research, we have finally perfected our new aging care line*, "LIFT DIMENSION".
By performing daily care in the morning and night, you can now make your skin stand out firmly with a three dimensional effect so that your face once more achieves a clear silhouette all the way from the chin, to the cheeks, and the eyes.

* Skincare according to age

We have successfully generated 3D visualization inside the skin.
We have discovered that the collapse of the three-dimensional structure of the dermis is caused by aging.

Young skin (30s)
Aged skin (70s)

Green (in the dermis): elastin fibersOrange: Cell nucleus

In young skin, elastin fibers form a three-dimensional structure that thoroughly supports firmness and elasticity, but in aged skin, the three-dimensional structure of the dermis collapses and flattens, resulting in

loss of firmness and elasticity.

The key to youthful skin is the beauty of the three-dimensional structure.
Elastin fibers play an important role in the elasticity of the skin, and it is thought that wrinkles and sagging occur when elastin fibers are degenerated by aging and ultraviolet rays.

It contains various ingredients that create elasticity and firmness that sustain the beauty of your skin.

Rich elasticity that fills your skin

< Rose Fruit Extract >
Extracted from the Rosa Multiflora (multiflora rose) which contains polyphenols.

< Panax Ginseng Root Extract >
It is called Ginseng in Japan. As a noble herb, it is one of the most valued ingredients in traditional Eastern medicine.

Achieve a lively radiant firmness

< Collagen Tripeptide >
A collagen derivative that keeps the skin firm and tight.
It retains fresh moisture within the skin.

Protecting firmness

< Charles de Mills Rose Extract >
It is one of the varieties of Rosa Gallica (or French Rose) that has been used for beauty purposes since ancient times and has been loved and passed down as a traditional plant for herbal use. The shape of the petals is elegant, giving off a rich fragrance.

The original ingredients of COSME DECORTÉ are carefully cultivated in the rich and fertile soil near Mt. Aso. Rose fruit extract (Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract)・Collagen Tripeptide (Hydrolyzed Collagen)Charles de Mills Rose Extract (Rosa Gallica Flower Extract)