A long-awaited brightening mask that provides immediate care.
For remarkably unblemished skin.
Unparalleled moisture.
An exquisite masterpiece penetrates the skin instantly.


Using, as the axis, active whitening ingredient Kojic acid, which can be said to be the essence of WHITELOGIST, we combined “ergothioneine” which is one of natural amino acids, and plant-derived “Gentiana lutea root extract,” to bring about an unwavering sense of clarity.

We also focused thoroughly on the sheet itself, and adopted a two-layer compression sheet which, while maintaining a sense of adhesion to the skin, delivers an abundance of ingredients to the skin.

We also combined a delivery capsule that quickly delivers the rigorously-selected beauty components.
It makes Kojic acid, which powerfully approaches a skin’s sense of clarity, penetrate slowly to the deep areas of the skin* to bring out its maximum potential.
With a special care lasting just 10 minutes, you should be able to encounter a cloud-free skin that is clearer than you had ever imagined.

A two-layer compression sheet mask featuring both stretching properties
and adhesiveness to deliver the components instantly to the deep areas of the skin

To swiftly deliver the blended components to the deep areas of the skin,
we adopted a two-layer mask that excels in high stretching properties and adhesive properties.

Fluid-retention layer
With a low-density, coarse fiber structure, it holds an abundance of essence, like sponge.
Adhesion layer
With a high-density, ultrafine fiber structure, it has outstanding adhesiveness to the skin.
When placed on the skin, moreover, the essence which is contained in abundance in the fluid-retention layer,
moves to the adhesion layer, and is quickly delivered to the skin.