White Perfection

Contains fermented extracts, condensed from botanical goodness.
Whitening beauty serum that prevents blemishes and makes your skin radiant and translucent.

DECORTÉ Phytotune

White Perfection

40mL  6,600 yen (tax included)

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Product features

Contains a fermented hibiscus extract that is rich in vitamins and minerals, with a herbal complex for concentrated botanical benefits.
Formulated to combat discoloration such as age spots, dullness, and redness that can develop even when you are careful to stay out of the sun. It suppresses the production of melanin, preventing age spots and freckles, leading to radiant skin bursting with hydration.
Works on heat-fatigued skin that’s been exposed to summer UV rays, keeping it healthy and making it clear and plumpy toned.
The lightweight gel formulation spreads on smoothly, integrating with the skin. Takes skin with unevenness, such as texture problems or rough patches, and makes it silky smooth, giving it an even, clear look.
Contains essential oils (fragrances). Has herbal, floral base notes with overtones of sweetpea and rose, and an overall fresh herbal floral fragrance that’s fresh and clean, and accented with bergamont, pleasant in summer.
Tested for stinging (skin irritation) (Results may still vary depending on the individual.)


Use as the last step in your evening skincare routine. (When using in the morning, apply after lotion.) Add two pumps of product into your palm and apply.

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