Refining  Peel-Off Mask

Bright and smooth
from the moment you peel it off
for a unified, bright skin tone.


Refining Peel-Off Mask

83g  5,500 yen (tax included)

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  • night

Product features

- Peel-off facial mask that securely yet comfortably enfolds your skin. Removes old keratinised cells and other sources of dirt and roughness while also sending intensive beauty ingredients that leave the skin feeling uniformly bright.
- Base formula full of beauty ingredients that spreads smoothly and is perfectly suited to the skin. As it gradually solidifies, the beauty ingredients are delivered deep into the stratum corneum. This gives your skin a sense of tension along with a feeling of suppleness.
- Removing the mask lifts away keratinised cells and other unneeded sources of dullness. Leaves your skin smooth and overflowing with brightness.
- Adopted a base that is easy to remove once dried. Once removed, skin texture is realigned to be silky smooth to the touch.
*Contains naturally aromatic ingredients. Gentle green floral fragrance that is fresh and feminine.
*Paraben free.


- Use 1 to 2 nights per week after preparing your skin with milk lotion.
- The optimal amount for a single use is about 1.5 teaspoons. Taking about 2cm at a time on your middle finger, spread across the face starting with areas that dry more slowly (cheeks). Avoid the eye and brow area, hairline, and lips.
- After 15 to 20 minutes the mask will be completely dry. Remove it starting from the outside and working toward the centre.
*Drying time varies depending on temperature, humidity, etc.
- Apply toner to your skin after the mask treatment.

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