Draws out translucency and evens out skin color.
A whitening moisturizer that makes your skin soft and radiant.



200mL  11,000 yen (tax included)
<Refill> 200mL 10,670 yen (tax included)
* Inhibits melanin production to prevent blemishes and freckles.

Prices are suggested retail prices.

  • night
  • day

Product features

Softens skin prone to dullness from uneven texture, making it silky smooth and full of elasticity. Works smoothly into your skin to prevent blemishes, giving you a translucent, beautiful look without unevenness in tone.
Delivers cosmetic ingredients deep into the stratum corneum, enveloping each and every stratum corneum cell to heal and hydrate while releasing a radiance that seems to shine forth from within.


Use morning and night before lotion. Pump a small amount of product onto a cotton pad and smooth onto skin.

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