Whitening Care

Whitening Care Item Concept

Whitening, radiance, and translucence.
Tuning, for a beauty
that's crystal clear.

Phytotune Whitening Care, born from plants.

Phytotune whitening is filled with the blessings of plants,
including a herbal complex
and fermented hibiscus flower extract.
It caters to skin that tends to become unbalanced in spring and summer,
adjusting skin's rhythm and tuning it to a better state
while delivering highly-effective brightening ingredients.
Ahead lies crystal-clear translucence,
and a radiance that makes skin look vibrant.
Starting now, have the brightest and most radiant skin of all.

Fermented hibiscus
flower extract,
with the power to brighten skin

Hibiscus are a type of low tree in the Malvaceae family,
and are native to tropical, subtropical and temperate zones in the northern hemisphere.
The plant is often used in herbal teas,
and is packed with vitamin C, organic acids, and minerals.
Fermented hibiscus flower extract is an ingredient
made by fermenting hibiscus with lactobacillus.
Fermenting with lactobacillus has been confirmed to boost
the ingredient's effects on skin compared to non-fermented extracts.
(Yeast is more generally used to create fermented extracts)
This improves skin's rhythm, helping achieve hydrated, translucent skin.

Triple red fruit action

The concentrated power of fruits that are great for skin.

  • Blackcurrant extract
    [Ribes nigrum fruit extract]
  • Camu camu extract
  • Acerola extract

Herbal Complex*2
full of the richness of herbs

Three types of specially-selected herbs support skin's beautiful rebirth.

  • Perilla leaf extract
  • Rosemary extract
  • Rose hip oil
    [Rosa canina fruit oil]

* Hibiscus sabdariffa flower ferment extract, Ribes nigrum fruit extract, Myrciaria dubia extract, Malpighia emarginata fruit extract, glycerin (moisturiser)
* 2 Perilla ocymoides leaf extract, Rosmarinus officinalis extract, Rosa canina fruit oil, glycerin (moisturiser)