Moisture Liposome

Moisture that changes
skin's destiny.

DECORTÉ's unique
multi-layered liposomes.

Saturating skin with moisture
that wells up like a fountain.
This is the key to drawing out skin's potential,
revealing a beauty you didn't
even know you had.
You can change the natural destiny of your skin.
That's the philosophy behind Moisture Liposome.
The most essential factor for strong, beautiful and
healthy skin is care that supplies
and maintains high-quality moisture.
Continuous moisture every day
keeps skin in a prime condition
that is resistant to dryness,
roughness, and other troubles.
When this is achieved, skin gradually experiences
improved texture, firmness and translucence.
It becomes skin with a continuous youthful radiance,
that can be adored forever into the future.
This is the first step
on your journey towards beautiful skin.

DECORTÉ's unique
multi-layered liposomes.

Over the past 25 years, Moisture Liposome has grown to be loved by many women.
The key behind the deep, lasting and continuous moisturising power
of this serum is the multi-layered liposome,
a micro capsule formed of layers of moisture.

Long-lasting Formula

Multilayered structure

An onion-like layer comes loose from the outside, and releases moisture for many hours.
A 24-hour hydration

The Targeting Effect

Trillions of 0.1 micron* capsules (liposomes) are contained in just one pump. They seal to dryness-prone areas and deliver concentrated moisture.
* Order (approx.)

0.1 μm

With amazing penetrability, it aims at the damage caused by dryness

The Booster Effect

We recommend using directly after washing your face. Skin is softened with moisture, preparing it so that lotion used afterwards penetrates even better.


 It’s gentle since it’s a biomimetic component that resembles the skin.
Hypoallergenic prescription

Moisturising Effect

Capsules are created with phospholipids, an component that also forms skin itself, giving liposomes excellent moisturising ability.

Capsule Delivery