Whitening Care Item Concept

AQ’s Beauty,
for resplendent radiance.

Turn relaxation into a force for beauty.
Introducing Aging + Whitening Care*.

DECORTÉ AQ’s mission is to unlock the potential of each and every woman and bring out their own unique beauty and elegance.
We have spent 28 years engaging with the skin and minds of each individual woman, since AQ’s debut in 1990.
Each of our products is the exquisite culmination of the wisdom, passion and technology that we invest in our cosmetics.
To provide the ultimate relaxation for skin and soul alike, we draw on our long-honored concept of “integrated beauty” to venture deeper into the mechanisms of the mind, with a focus on “Skin Responsiveness”.
It’s relaxation that is responsible for bringing a new concept to AQ whitening products.

DECORTÉ comes from the French word décoration, meaning a decoration or medal.
This name reflects our dedication to bringing out your inner beauty and making you shine even more radiantly.
The AQ brings you relaxation and makes radiance a badge of honor for your skin.