Make radiance a badge
of honour for your skin.

Relaxing aroma. Deep moisturising.
AQ anti-ageing care*.

DECORTÉ AQ’s mission is to
unlock the potential of each and
every woman and bring out
their own unique beauty and elegance.

AQ (Absolute Quality).
Beauty evolved from cosmetics crafted with
every possible piece of knowledge,
technique and drop of passion gleaned
from continuous dedication to
the health of each customer’s skin
and mind since debuting in 1990.

It’s the ultimate in relaxation,
resonating both in the skin and mind.
Based on the concept of holistic beauty,
AQ has taken a step further into the intricate workings
of the mind to focus on skin responsiveness.

DECORTÉ comes from the French word
décoration meaning a decoration or medal.
This name reflects our dedication to
bringing out your inner beauty and
making you even more radiant.
Turn relaxation into a force for beauty.
Take pride in your radiant skin.

*Skin care that deals with the ageing process.

Absolute Radiant Skin
Leaving your skin radiant and
full of vitality

In these modern times filled with excessive internal and external stress,
the new AQ seeks to become touch the subtleties of the mind.
Integrating a pleasing fragrance and texture with excellent skincare effects, our products evoke a blissful sense of love for your skin, while awakening the potential for beauty that lies deep within. That beauty is a firmness and suppleness that comes from within and a radiance that seems to glow from inside, full of vitality.

Refining Skin Responsiveness:
the “Absolute Formula”
found only in AQ

“When I’m relaxed, my skincare routine
seems to be more effective.”
“My skin is more vibrant and
beautiful when I’m less stressed.”
Every woman has noticed this.
We focused on the mechanisms behind this phenomenon.

The result was a unique approach that refines the “Skin Responsiveness” that beauty requires. When the skin is relaxed, it has a greater sensitivity,
and is best equipped to be at its most beautiful. To create this state,
we make effective use of relaxation to bring your skin the ultimate in radiant beauty. With specially-selected rare ingredients and special formulas and production methods using DECORTÉ’s superior technology, AQ transforms relaxation and the joy of skincare into beauty.

Give your skin the royal treatment with products
that provide the ultimate skincare performance.

The most important thing to us is the instinctive pleasure felt by the skin and the mind alike.
In addition to outstanding skincare effects achieved by cutting-edge research, development and technology*,
we seek to create just the right fragrance and textures to enhance those effects.

From the moment you touch one of our products, you’ll feel a sense of comfort as you are surrounded by the delicate fragrance.
As you apply the product to your skin, the rich texture will feel as if it is melting into your soul.
The product is absorbed perfectly, as if your skin has been longing to drink it in.
And the radiance you see as soon as you apply it will leave you full of anticipation about what your skin will look like tomorrow.

Experience AQ – each time you touch one of our products, each time you see its effects, your love for your skin will grow deeper.

* Within DECORTÉ.

AQ is formulated with carefully selected
and highly refined beauty agents.

Mucuna birdwoodiana stem extract

A special ingredient carefully selected from time-honoured plants. Targets the skin’ s latent ability to regenerate as well as emotional mechanisms that reawaken beauty, this ingredient is used in all AQ products for its ability to improve skin responsiveness.

* Mucuna birdwoodiana stem extract and glycerin (moisturiser)

White birch water

A composite ingredient composed of the sap of the white birch, a rare ingredient rich in natural minerals and amino acids which can only be harvested for 4 weeks during the snow melt, and an extract which concentrates the effects of white birch bark.

* White birch water (betula platyphylla japonica juice and birch extract) and glycerin (moisturiser)

A soothing scent accented by the elegant fragrance of night-blooming cereus.

A refreshing yet deep floral woody scent accented by the “mysterious blossom”, the night-blooming cereus, said to only bloom once a year on a summer’s night.

Newly developed:
Black Soy Nectar™
Reduces damage to fibroblast cells and boosts the production of collagen in division arrested cells.
*Only contained in Cream Absolute X

Fermented soymilk solution made from black soybean

An extract made by using Lactobacillus to ferment soy milk obtained from black soybeans. Black soybeans contain an even higher amount of antioxidants( anthocyanins, polyphenols, etc.) than regular soybeans. Fermenting the liquid further increases the amount of components like amino acids and saccharides, which can boost the cell activation effect.

Tamba black soybean

This extract is made from black soybeans produced in Tamba-Sasayama, processed using our proprietary extraction method to increase antioxidant capacity. Black soybeans are rich in nutrients like isoflavone, which functions like female


Terminalia Bellerica fruit extract

Contains an abundance of tannin, a type of polyphenol, and conditions the skin to make it extremely moist and supple.

Design Concept

Our packaging has an elegant, engraved appearance that express the modern woman in abstract form. The gentle, beautiful curves of the containers represent the form of the body, and the “eye” shape as seen from above evokes the determination of modern women. The surface is decorated with a pattern resembling crystals and cut diamonds, expressing both boldness and luxury at once.

Art Director
Marcel Wanders

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