Reservation Process

  1. Enter the required information in the reservation form and submit.
  2. You will receive an automated response acknowledging your reservation. (At this point, your reservation has not yet been confirmed.)
  3. Email will be sent by the staff of our salon confirming your reservation. (Reservation confirmation email will be sent to you by 15:00 on the next business day.)

Please read the following important notes carefully in making your reservation.

  • Reservation with this form will be accepted no later than two days prior to your desired reservation date.
  • Treatment reservation is accepted only until 17:30.
  • Confirmation email for your reservation will be sent by our salon staff by 15:00 of the next business day.(Please note that the automated response to your reservation form entry is not a confirmation of your reservation.)
  • Please note that we may not have the date and time of your choice available, depending on the state of reservations received.
    *We recommend that you fill in three choices for date and time of your reservation.
  • Cancellation is accepted only until 16:00 of the previous day. Please note that cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation after this deadline.
Notice received by 16:00 of the day before the reservation date 0% of service fee
Notice received after 16:00 of the day before the reservation date and by the scheduled reservation time and date 50% of service fee
No notice is received 100% of service fee

*If gift coupon is used in making your reservation, the coupon will be invalidated if notice of cancellation is not received and the customer does not come to the salon by the reserved time and date.

Important notes in canceling or changing your reservation

  • If you are late for your reservation, we may be required to cut down time for your treatment. Please note that there will be no change in the fee for the course you reserved.
  • Your reservation will be canceled if you do not notify and do not show up for your reservation within 20 minutes of the scheduled reserved time.

Please acknowledge in advance that we may not be able to accept your reservations if our terms stated above cannot be accepted or cancellation/change in reservation is made repeatedly.

Please note that you may not receive our email, depending on your PC or device settings or due to anti-spam measures implemented for your device.
Please be sure to revise your settings to enable delivery of emails from Maison DECORTÉ.

Reservation Form

For safe use of our salon, please check the following.
If applicable, please cancel the esthetic service and reschedule the date.

  • Symptoms of common cold e.g., cough or sneezes
  • Fever (37.5℃ (99.5F) or higher)
  • In the past 7 days, you have traveled outside Japan.
  • In the past 7 days, you have come in contact with someone who has been abroad.
  • You have been near someone who has tested positive or suspected to have COVID-19.
  • I had an infection(influenza,herpes) about a week ago
  • Pregnant
  • Less than 1week has passed since vaccination
  • Those who have had face or decollete treatment at a beauty clinic within one month or those who will have a treatment within 2 weeks from today.

Please enter the necessary information below and press send. Items marked with asterisk (*) are required information.

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We recommend entry of three choices for date and time.
Reservation is accepted for the time and date between 2 days from today up to 60 days later.

# Please acknowledge that 30 to 60 minutes of extra time will be necessary, in addition to the beauty treatment time indicated, for beauty counseling and for you to change clothes, put on makeup, etc.
We recommend you plan your reservation with extra time allowance.

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