For first-visit of Maison DECORTÉ treatment

For the first time,
as courses that lead to creation of supple and beautiful skin
you wish to have in just one treatment

* All prices are including tax.

for Facial 80

for Facial 90

Please select from "Transparency",
Moisturizing" or "Lift & Firming" treatment options.

33,000 yen

First time only:
24,750 yen,
90 minutes

Before Maison DECORTÉ treatment

For comfort and relaxation during the treatment,
please read the following pre-treatment notes.


  • The treatment course will include scalp massage. Its technique involves finger combing through your hair, which might be resulting in your hairstyle disheveled.
  • We have hairbrushes and hair care products available for your use after treatment, please feel free to bring any hair product you use regularly, if required.


  • Clothing change will be required in a private treatment room.
  • Facial treatment includes care for your décolletage and back. (Some areas excluded) You will be asked to remove your upper body underwear and change into a gown for your use at the salon.
  • Body treatment course will include footbath. You will be asked to remove your lower body underwear, including socks or pantyhose, and change into paper panties and bathrobe for your use at the salon.


Hair dryer


Base makeup products

Hot rollers

Color makeup products

Contact lens case

Paper panties



  • * Beauty treatment at the salon does not treat or cure diseases or medical symptoms.
  • * Beauty treatment will not be available for persons with the following symptoms.
    • Fever, intoxication, epilepsy, various infectious diseases (athlete's foot, measles, etc.), after a sunburn, pregnancy
  • * Permission from your physician will be required, if you have the following medical conditions.
    • Heart disease, venous aneurysm, diabetes, asthma and other conditions requiring medical attention.