Flowering beauty,
and blossoming elegance for all

Decoration of beauty for all women

To become beautiful.
This is a “gift” that creates confidence and makes the act of living, joyful.
Maison DECORTÉ creates the ultimate beauty,
enough to make even the way you live shine so brilliantly.

The journey to make your beauty bloom begins
from the moment of your first step.


Treatment Room

Each treatment room features a different overall concept,
as designed by Marcel Wanders.
Its aesthetic will envelop you from all directions,
combining fragrances and healing music in keeping with the concept of each room.



A space filled with serenity.
Let the sparkling reflections
across the water's wavering surface heal you.



A space of soft tones and crystals.
Here, an instant of beauty becomes something eternal.



Experience the ultimate relaxation
in a space of softly drifting sunlight.

Treatment Concept

Six Senses Beauty

The ultimate experience for the five senses,
in a space of absolute artistry that draws inspiration from the power of nature.
This is Six Senses Beauty,
as advocated by Maison DECORTÉ.
The treatments are like haute couture-arranged specifically for you.
Indulge in a beauty treatment unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Treatment Menu

Treatment courses can be customized
to suit individual skin concerns,
skin conditions and ideal skin.
Original methods developed
for Maison DECORTÉ
bring you a deeply appealing experience
like no other.