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Protects against ultra-violet rays and sweaty shininess, maintains clear, smooth skin.



25mL  3,850 yen (tax included)

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*Contains botanical sebum adsorption powder.

Product features

A makeup base that protects your skin from strong ultra-violet rays and also prevents your makeup from deteriorating.
From the moment it's applied, it keeps that freshly made-up beautiful, smooth skin look.
It contains polymers that are highly effective at repelling water.
It is excellent at makeup maintenance and highly effective at preventing sweaty shininess due to its botanical sebum adsorption powder (a powder derived from hemp), which acts powerfully against sweat and sebum.
With a smooth liquid texture, it conforms to the skin in an even and familiar way.
It gives the skin a brightness and sense of translucence, while gently covering up pores, rough, uneven skin, and dull skin. *Contains powder that helps fix rough and uneven skin.
With light and smooth texture, it leaves you with skin that has flexibility and elasticity.
It increases the ease of applying foundation and the foundation's duration.
It protects skin from dryness caused by air-conditioning, etc., and maintains a vibrant, dewy look.
It uses fragrances extracted from organic plants.


Use after preparing your skin with lotion.
Shake well with the cap on before use to mix the two layers.
Take a suitable amount into your palm and apply to your entire face starting with wide areas like the cheeks and forehead. Blend well.
Follow by applying foundation.

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