Dissolve away makeup and pore troubles.
Herbal honey-infused oil cleansing.



170g  3,520 yen (tax included)

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  • night

Product features

The honey-like cushioning base protects the skin from friction during cleansing.
And it cleanses thoroughly- latching onto layered and hardened makeup and sun protection products.
Contains organic jojoba seed oil that dissolves sebum and has a cleansing and sebum absorbing effect. Washes away dirt from the bottom of your pores.
Contains organic herbal honey. Prevents acne and the sebum that causes visible pores.
Washes off quickly and cleanly with no oiliness, leaving skin silky smooth.
Tested for non-comedogeneticitiy (may not prevent comedos (the cause of acne) in all people).
Contains essential oils (fragrances).
Has a herbal floral honey fragrance to unwinds you in both skin and soul, for complete relaxation.


*Use without wetting hands and face.
Take a drop about the size of a cherry into your palm and apply to face, blending thoroughly with skin impurities, foundation, and other makeup.
Rinse away with cold or lukewarm water.

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