Works instantly, improving even saggy texture.
High-performance toner, for pliable skin that’s full of tone.

DECORTÉ Cellgenie


200mL  7,000 yen (tax excluded)

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Lotion ER (moisture type)

200mL 7,000 yen (tax excluded)

Prices are suggested retail prices.

  • night
  • day

Product features

High-performance toner to boost the tensile strength of your skin. Will give you skin so packed with tone it clings to your palm.
Made with a high concentration of delivery capsules containing andrographis extract.
Made with lipid multi-vector capsules packed with emollient ingredients. Makes your skin infinitely refined from deep within the stratum corneum, where the concentration of hydration is likely to decrease with age. Perfectly saturates the stratum corneum with hydration to give it plump tone.
Soft and watery to the touch, it spreads to every corner of your skin and penetrates quickly.
After penetration, your skin will feel toned and supple, like you’ve just applied beauty serum.
Has a refreshing herbal fragrance, which combines fresh translucent floral aromas like peony and wisteria, and herbal aromas to induce a feeling of effectiveness.

Dermatologically tested.


Use after preparing your skin with emollient. Saturate a cotton pad with product, then apply by patting onto skin.

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