Toning Lotion

Protects skin from dryness and prevents makeup deterioration.
Tightening toner to give you pliable skin
with no concerning pores.

DECORTÉ Cellgenie

Toning Lotion

200mL  6,500 yen (tax excluded)

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Product features

A toning lotion for complete lift even for skin surrounding pores.
Protects the skin from environmental aggressors such as UV rays or skin irritation caused by the dryness from air conditioners, giving you skin that’s hydrated and translucent.
Feels gently refreshing and lightweight to the touch, and provides complete lift for the skin surrounding pores and loose texture.
With pleasant hydration and a refreshing sensation, refreshes uncomfortable stickiness or inflammation caused by problems like excess sebum.
Prevents makeup deterioration and gives you lasting smooth and comfortable skin.
Has a refreshing herbal fragrance, which combines fresh translucent floral aromas like peony and wisteria, and herbal aromas to induce a feeling of effectiveness.

Dermatologically tested.


Use before applying makeup. Saturate a cotton pad with product, then apply by patting onto skin.

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