Releases from deep in the stratum corneum, for plump and supple skin.
An emollient that will give you skin so pliable, you’ll feel it against your fingers.

DECORTÉ Cellgenie


200mL  7,000 yen (tax excluded)

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Emulsion ER (moisture type)

200mL 7,000 yen (tax excluded)

Prices are suggested retail prices.

  • night
  • day

Product features

Emollient to improve elasticity in your skin. For skin that’s vibrant and packed with lustre, and so plump and supple it almost feels resistant against your fingertips.
Made with delivery capsules containing andrographis extract. Saturates the skin in hydration, giving it a suppleness that’s plump and springy.
Contains 3 types of sorbitan sesquioleate. Gently solves problems that come with ageing such as loss of hydration, or skin being hard and prone to dullness.
Makes skin more pliable, keeping it supple.
Soft and luxurious, spreads on so smoothly it will calm your soul.
Has a refreshing herbal fragrance, which combines fresh translucent floral aromas like peony and wisteria, and herbal aromas to induce a feeling of effectiveness.

Dermatologically tested.


Use before lotion. Add 2-3 pumps of product to a cotton pad and smooth onto skin.

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