Medicated whitening cream
Prevents the onset of dark spots with Kojic acid,
for whiter skin that’s velvety to the touch.



25g  15,000 yen (tax excluded)

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*Natural active whitening ingredient Kojic acid is delivered directly to melanocytes, the cells that create dark spot-causing agents, where it inhibits melanin production, and prevents blemishes and freckles.

  • night

Product features

This medicated whitening cream protects the skin from the external environment including UV rays, while preventing the formation of dark spots.
Bathed in the fragrance of sandalwood, let the texture envelope you right to your core, giving you amazingly white skin that’s almost see-through.
Also contains tabebuia impetiginosa bark extract (moisturiser) to boost circulation, and prevent dark spots from getting darker.
Alginsome (moisturiser) make the skin toned by providing generous moisture to skin that is constantly metabolising.
Ingredients such as pinus sylvestoris cone extract (moisturiser) give you white skin with a youthful radiance, at any age.
While this cream is mild, it is also highly effective, and feels like an essence. It penetrates deep into the stratum corneum to protect the skin from irritation and dryness.
Contains natural essential oils and sandalwood for a fragrance to fulfil you.


Use as the final step in your evening skincare routine.
Using the included spatula or a fingertip, take a small amount and gently smooth onto skin.

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