Line Concept

Gentle hydration x thorough effectiveness
“PHYTOTUNE” for unbalanced skin
Moisture, pores, transparency.
Contains “humus extract”* from ancient matured plant matter.

Recurring dryness, rough skin, pores, and dullness...
Skincare that conditions skin that is prone to imbalance and vulnerable to change, uplifting the skin to its ideal condition.
Enhances the foundations of beauty for skin with an endlessly healthy, vibrant radiance.

*Humus extract is an ingredient rich in a well-balanced blend of fulvic acid, minerals, and amino acids.
Humus extract [humus soil extract] / glycerin (moisturizing)

With the
mysterious power
of humus extract*1

Humus is the sediment created by plants that have
accumulated at the bottom of the oceans over millions of years.
This is a precious compound
that only exists in a very limited number of places.
After collecting the humus, it is carefully refined
into an extract over a period of two years.
The extract contains an excellent
balance of ingredients packed with plant vitality,
such as fulvic acid, minerals, and amino acids.
It's clear that humus extract has immeasurable effects,
and there is still much research being done on this promising ingredient.

Herbal Complex*2,
full of the richness of herbs

Three types of specially-selected herbs
support skin's beautiful rebirth.

  • Perilla leaf extract
  • Rosemary extract
  • Rose hip oil
    [Rosa canina fruit oil]

*1 Humus extract, glycerin (moisturiser)
*2 Perilla ocymoides leaf extract, Rosmarinus officinalis extract, Rosa canina fruit oil, glycerin (moisturiser)