Each woman has a unique skin quality and tone.
With this in mind, we have created foundation,
concealer, puffs and brushes with a customisable concept
to bring out the absolute best in your skin.
They achieve a look that echoes the perfection of haute couture
whilst appearing like naturally beautiful bare skin.
Now is the time to get the skin you've always wanted.

Foundation Concept

Loose foundation that is even lighter,
more translucent, and more alluring.

It has the unique lightness of a loose powder
and an airy bare-skin finish,
yet it doesn't become dry or dull over time.
It also features improved coverage power,
for a beautiful complexion that lasts.
It's the key to achieving the skin you've always wanted,
down to the little details.

[Newly-formulated powder]

Cotton Powder EX

Organic Cotton Powder—the key to LACOUTURE Loose Powder Foundation since its 2011 debut—now with improved moisturising. The powder has been saturated with acetylated hyaluronic acid to give it even more moisturising power.

Skin Fit Powder

○Plate-shaped powder that has been coated with oils with good skin affinity.

○The powder has a moist texture, glides on smoothly, and adheres well to skin.

Pure Bright Powder

○A powder formed of plate-shaped skin tone powders that resist dulling caused by sebum, and blush-coloured powders that impart a natural rosy hue.

○A phospholipid coating gives this powder excellent affinity with skin.