Dissolve away makeup
and pore troubles.

Herbal honey-infused
oil cleansing,

Of course it should protect moisture
whilst thoroughly cleansing.
But it also needs to care for conspicuous
pores and roughness.
HONEYDEW is cleansing that meets all your demands.
It's made with natural ingredients selected
for their gentleness on skin.
It also contains organic Manuka herbal honey
and organic olive oil.
With its creamy honey-like texture
it removes makeup gently without friction,
leaving skin increasingly hydrated
and smooth with every use.

Organic Herbs

With four types of organic plant extracts

HONEYDEW is made with
organic herbal honey (Manuka honey),
organic sage leaf extract, organic olive oil,
and organic jojoba seed oil.
It removes sebum impurities inside pores,
leaving skin clean and resistant to troubles.
Also, by protecting skin's moisture,
it leaves your entire face soft and beautiful
—even around pores.

Organic herbal honey
(Manuka honey)

Organic sage leaf

olive oil

jojoba seed oil

Moisturisers*Organic herbal honey [Manuka honey], Salvia officinalis leaf extract, glycerin

Emollients*Olea europea fruit oil (from organic olives), Simmondsia chinensis seed oil (from organic jojoba)

Manuka HoneyAbout Manuka honey

The Manuka tree is native only to New Zealand and Australia.
It has been known as a mysterious plant since ancient times,
as told by New Zealand's indigenous Maori people.
Honey produced from these Manuka trees is now a renowned luxury honey
that is consumed the world over for its healthful benefits.
Much research is being done into its antibacterial properties.