Aspiring to beauty that seems to shine and has perfect command over light.

1. Newly developed "Skin Fusion Powder"

With light reflection characteristics similar to skin, specially-shaped rounded powder of moderate size spreads smoothly across the skin, forming an even cosmetic film with high light transmission. Even when multiple layers are applied, there is no feeling of thickness or burden, realizing beautiful skin tone and natural coverage. Achieves a comfortable, transparent finish that seems to fuse with your skin (Skin Fusion).

  • ○Achieves natural coverage

    Spreads lightly on your skin, forming a thin, even film, so there is no sense of burden on your skin. Also, with ample light transmission, it provides good coverage while achieving a natural finish like bare skin that glows from within.

    A beautiful impression of the skin achieved by limiting wavelengths in the yellow part of the spectrum
    → effect on skin: dullness not noticeable, good complexion, transparency
     Facial impression: elegant, healthy, youthful

  • ○Enhances your complexion

    As a result of our own analysis of the optical wavelength curve, we discovered that limiting wavelengths in the yellow part of the spectrum, one cause of poor looking skin, creates a beautiful impression. Transmitting only pure light, it reveals a beautiful skin tone with high transparency.

    • Taking ample light into the skin,
      the beauty of bare skin is realized.
    • Transmitting an abundance
      of highly pure light.

* Skin Fusion Powder (titanium oxide, iron oxide)

2. Contains "virturious oil"

Brings out radiance from within your skin like after skincare.
Creating a sense of depth, it makes the most of each person's facial structure while also bringing out the beauty of facial features and expressions.

* Virturious oil
(diphenylsiloxy phenyl trimethicone)

3. Skincare texture that melts into the skin

DECORTÉ is particular about good texture and ease of use regarding skincare as well.
This new makeup base not only has makeup base functions, but also features skincare-like comfort.
From the moment you take it in your hands and slide the puff over your skin,
the soft penetration, blending, and even the fragrance as you apply it give it the ease and comfort of skincare.
By applying it easily and comfortably, your skin is improved and protected with the gentle touch of skincare.

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