Point Makeup Concept

Give color to true value.

Breathing beauty of expression with shades that resonate with the skin
Introducing AQ Makeup.

A "breath of expression" suffused with vitality

By simply wearing it, the expression itself breathes, as if it were sprouting.
Simply adding color to a single feature enables even the appearance and presence to glow, brightening life itself.

For an ultimate beauty of expression that breathes life into your unique allure.

Bringing out your beauty and maximizing its radiance
The "harmony & contrast" of colors and textures
A harmonious beauty that melts into the skin for an expression suffused with elegance
A contrasting beauty that accentuates the skin for a dynamic, lively expression
Emphasize the transparency of bare skin, the natural complexion, and the natural bone structure with its colors and textures, adding radiant color for flawless beauty.

Contains the same beauty ingredients as AQ Skincare.

The products contain ingredients extracted from the finest rare materials such as white mucuna extract, selected from among ancient plants, and white birch water* that can only be harvested in the four weeks when snow begins to melt.

*White mucuna extract (mucuna birdwoodiana extract) / White birch water (betula platyphylla japonica sap and bark extract) / vegetable squalene (squalene) (moisturizing)

Mucuna birdwoodiana stem extract

A special ingredient carefully selected from time-honoured plants. Targets the skin’ s latent ability to regenerate as well as emotional mechanisms that reawaken beauty, this ingredient is used in all AQ products for its ability to improve skin responsiveness.

* Mucuna birdwoodiana stem extract and glycerin (moisturiser)

White birch water

A composite ingredient composed of the sap of the white birch, a rare ingredient rich in natural minerals and amino acids which can only be harvested for 4 weeks during the snow melt, and an extract which concentrates the effects of white birch bark.

* White birch water (betula platyphylla japonica juice and birch extract) and glycerin (moisturiser)

A soothing scent accented by the elegant fragrance of night-blooming cereus.

A refreshing yet deep floral woody scent accented by the “mysterious blossom”, the night-blooming cereus, said to only bloom once a year on a summer’s night.